Design and Optimization of Throwing-device on EDEM


D. Wang, G. Wang, H. Wu, Q. Wan, T. Li, X. Zhang, Z. Gong


American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers


2015 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (Annual international meeting), 2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting



In order to improve the working efficiency of the throwing-device in silage harvester, this paper takes corn stover whose moisture content is 75% as operating object, aims at different rake angles of the paddle blower’s leaves, uses CATIA to set up the three-dimensional model of throwing-device, and imports the model into EDEM software, takes rake angles for different values from -15 degrees to 15 degrees to carry on simulation, analyses the throwing time of the corn stover in the throwing-device and the average velocity when corn stover left the paddle blower.The conclusion is that when the rake angle of paddle blower’s leaves is 10 degrees, the corn stover can enter the workbin smoothly and the throwing time is short, so the corresponding throwing-device is more efficient.


motion simulation, silage harvester, throwing-device

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