Design and Experimental Study on the Quantitative Seed Metering Device of Pneumatic Combination


S. Song


China agricultural university


Chine agricultural university



With the development of large-scale maize production in China and the high level of attention to the yield level of maize, the quality of maize is higher than that of large-scale and high-speed and high-speed, high-speed and high-efficiency conditions.So the corn seed planer core components precision seeder put forward a higher technical demand. At present, the domestic pneumatic corn seed gauge operating speed can only reach 8km / h, and limit the speed increase is mainly due to filling performance. Therefore, this paper will improve the seed mobility and seed rank as the design goal, and develop a new type of air pressure combination corn type seed metering device.The Pneumatic combination of corn-type corn seed metering device to eliminate the traditional pneumatic seeder complex seed mixing device, the seeder-type hole and seed mixing device integration, under the action of positive pressure airflow to improve population mobility, Seed area within the friction between the seeds to reduce the seed shelf is difficult to fill the probability of increasing the seeder in the high speed conditions of filling performance.The seeder structure is simple, stable, high-speed operation performance. In this paper, EDEM simulation analysis and bench test were carried out to verify the probability that the disturbance of seed breed on the population could increase the seed filling rate to a certain extent. On this basis, The basic form. The mathematical model of the process of row sterilization was established, and the main structural parameters were determined. The optimal inlet was determined by means of fluid analysis software FLUENT. parameter. The coupling model of corn seed was established and the calibration of physical parameters was completed.Based on the deterministic particle orbital model, the EDEM-FLUNET two-phase flow coupling analysis was carried out to clarify the working process The influence of the working parameters on the filling performance is studied from the mechanical point of view, and the parameters of the hole are simulated and optimized according to the analysis results. In this paper, the bench test was carried out. The minimum pressure demand, the optimum working pressure and the speed adaptation range of the seeder were determined by the single pressure test of working pressure and seed disc speed.By comparing the seed drop rate and According to the results obtained from the simulation and preliminary tests, the seeding and seeding mechanism and the seeding mechanism were optimized and the speed and pressure were measured. Two-factor test, the regression analysis of the test results, obtained the control index of qualified index.


experiment, filling performance, gas-solid two-phase flow coupling, Maize, Precision seeder, pressure type

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