Design a Filling System of Your Die Casting using Flow Analysis

Design For Casting Manufacturing
•Filling behavior is very important in high-pressure die casting. A homogeneous front line is crucial to obtaining a cast component that is free of defects. Moving air from one side to the other is a main concern if you want to avoid front collisions, which will cause turbulence and air inclusions in the part.
Filling requirements:
•Move air to a specific location
•Avoid turbulence during filling
•Homogeneous advancing front line

Use the Advanced Ingate option to design your virtual ingates and avoid designing ingates in CAD and save time. The ingate will be positioned perpendicular to the selected point, and it will be projected over the curved surface after meshing. Once you position the ingates, you need to design the filling system (runner). Inspire Cast is an excellent tool for analyzing the runner to prevent turbulence, which creates air bubbles that travel through the mold.
Below link is the video showing the whole workflow for designing the runner system for HPDC manufacturing.