DEM simulation of gas–solid flow behaviors in spout-fluid bed


M. Zhang, W. Zhong, Y. Xiong, Z. Yuan




Chemical Engineering Science



Three-dimensional gas and particle turbulent motions in a rectangular spout-fluid bed were simulated. The particle motion was modeled by discrete element method and the gas motion was modeled by k-ε two-equation turbulent model. Shear induced Saffman lift force, rotation induced Magnus lift force as well as drag force, contract force and gravitational force acting on individual particles were considered when establishing the mathematics models. A two-way coupling numerical iterative scheme was used to incorporate the effects of gas-particle interactions in volume fraction, momentum and kinetic energy. The gas–solid flow patterns, forces acting on particles, the particles mean velocities, jet penetration depths, gas turbulent intensities and particle turbulent intensities were discussed. Selected stimulation results were compared to some published experimental and simulation results.


Discrete element method, numerical simulation, Spout-fluid bed, Spouted bed, Turbulent flow

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