DEM Simulation of ball indentation of cohesive powders


A. Hassanpour, M. Ghadiri, M. Pasha


University of London


DEM5: The Fifth International Conference on Discrete Element Methods



An approach based on indentation, which can be carried out on very small quantities, is considered for assessing the flowability of cohesive powders. In this method the yield stress of weak powder com-pacts is estimated by indentation hardness measurements. To be able to measure the plastic yield stress by this method, the ratio between the flow stress, inferred by indentation (i.e. hardness) and the yield stress needs to be established. In the present work an attempt is made to simulate the indentation process and uniaxial compression test using Distinct Element Method (DEM) to investigate the correlation between indentation characteristics and powder flowability.


cohesive powders, Indentation, uniaxial compression test