Data Analytics - Ask The Expert Recurring Series Monarch & Monarch Server(Automator) focus. April 26, 2022 Session reviewed Floating Traps in Monarch Complete v.2021 before going into LIVE Q/A.

Ask The Expert Series on April 26, 2022 
Monarch & Monarch Server(Automator)

The Session began with a brief overview of Floating Traps in Monarch Complete v.2021 before diving into the LIVE Questions. 

The Session began with our Expert reviewing the following:

LIVE Questions submitted:

1.  I have built a data prep workspace blending 2 files hoping to generate a properly formatted SDF file.  When I build the workspace into a visual process in Automator and then build out the export, I can get the export to export the file in SDF format but I always loose the column size formats, it has to be space delimited and each column has to be a particular length when the resulting SDF file is generated.  Can the experts provide any advice on how to resolve this?

2. Do floating traps work when the report is complex with the trap moving within a multiple line inspection?  

3.  The sub-functionality that Mo spoke to after selecting fields when trap on Line 1 is?

4.  Another issue also cropped up, we need a “CR” or carriage return that marks the end of the file and it’s format is a row of “9999”, do the experts have any idea how to end a file with a single row of all 99999999’s?   That is what I meant, 99999999999s that are the CR – Sounds like a total of 510 ‘9’ – basically the width of the file ?


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