Data Analytics - Ask The Expert Recurring Series Monarch & Monarch Server(Automator) focus. April 12, 2022 Session reviewed Monarch Server v.2021/v.2020 Validating Data before going into LIVE Q/A.

Ask The Expert Series on April 12, 2022 
Monarch & Monarch Server(Automator)

The Session began with a brief overview of Monarch Server v.2021 Validating Data before diving into the LIVE Questions. 

The Session began with our Expert reviewing the following:

LIVE Questions submitted:

Monarch Server:
1.  As part of a Automator process, it is possible to add a distribution that would provide the log via email of what files have been created and distributed?  I know that I can go into the process to manually extract the log, but thought it would be convenient to get an email to see like a checklist.?  

2.  What is the purpose of the green arrow in the Verify Workspace? 


Additional Resources:

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