Data Analytics - Ask The Expert Recurring Series Monarch & Monarch Server(Automator) focus. March 22, 2022 Session reviewed Templates (Detail, Append, Footer, etc.) in Monarch Complete v.2021 before going into LIVE Q/A.

Ask The Expert Series on March 22, 2022 
Monarch & Monarch Server(Automator)

The Session began with a brief overview of Templates (Detail, Append, Footer, Etc.) in Monarch Complete v.2021 before diving into the LIVE Questions. 

The Session began with our Expert reviewing the following:

LIVE Questions submitted:

1.  How to use Change Groups in DPS?  In the Change History, if you right click, there is an option "Add Change to Group"

2.  Is there a way to copy a column format you set to the next column? I.e. Aging Column current, 30, 60, 90+ that use currency. Currently, I am manually performing the same format setup for each amount column.?  

3.  What is the practical usage for the Library Icon in the right Upper Corner in DPS Mode?

4.  Can you re-order the changes within Change History?

5. Is the grouping function in Transform can only capture the first/last row?  What if I would like to capture information in the middle as well, what do I do?. 


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