Custom Derived Results at HyperView-start-up

Derived Results can be used in HyperView to create own custom results based on a formula. Following article shows how these custom results can be made available directly at HyperView-start-up.


In general Derived Results can be defined by using the Expression Builder.




Here the formula for the result/s can be defined as desired and each result be saved with a label.




Next a XML expression of these formulas is needed. Open the TCL Console.





and execute attached script "ResMath2H3D.TCL" with this command and your own file path:


source D:/KB/Data/ResMath2H3D.TCL




The TCL will create a H3D-file with the Derived Results included (which is not the topic of this article)





and upon Denying the XML deletion, the desired XML-file:




Take the datatype block out of this newly created XML, and replace it in the attached "custom_Derived-Results.xml" like shown below. Also pay attention to the label in line 1 and make sure, it is named identically to the entry in the preference file (see next screenshot).



Now the XML needs to be referenced by a preference definition, to have it later automatically loaded at HyperView-start-up. Use the attached "preferences_custom-Derived-Results.mvw" and adapt the path and name of the XML according to your needs. Also as mentioned above, make sure about the marked label being identical to the one from the XML file.





Open the GUI to handle preference files






1. Register the newly defined preference file

2. Select it from the preference file list

3. And Load it





In the Load panel now an additional Result-Math template appears. If you select it and load your model / result file/s





the result definitions from the XML are present and can be activated as Contour Plot:





Upon closing of HyperWorks the loaded Preference File reference will be saved, and at next start-up automatically loaded.