Creep Modeling Phenomena - Visco-Elastic properties in Non-Linear Solutions

Creep analysis validated through the paper “Calculations and Modeling of Material Constants in Hyperbolic-Sine Creep Model for 316 Stainless Steels. Conference Paper in Applied Mechanics and Materials · October 2013”.

In the attached files you can find the paper, the materials, the database (v.2022.2) and the results. There is also a simple PowerPoint presentation that showcases the parameters and workflow needed to set-up such a simulation (The validation is showcased in this presentation). This will also be used as knowledge-based article.

The solution that is used is a Non-Linear Static Analysis. The same results (very small differences) can be achieved with a transient analysis as well. The only limitation is that the temperature mapping needs to be done by a duplication of an NL Static solution > Convert to NL Trans solution(keeps the load but we can’t edit it).