Convert Models/Projects Using Monarch Utility

Did you know you can use the Monarch Utility to help convert your Older Monarch models (ex. version 10/older) to the latest SUPPORTED Monarch Client Version?  Let us explain how.


Old Models/Projects are not compatible and can't be open in Newer versions of Monarch.


When upgrading from an older to a newer version of Monarch, the Models/Projects created in the old version (.mod/.prj  or  .xmod/.xprj)  are no longer compatible with the newest version (.dmod/.dprj).


There is a Tool, Monarch Utility, that is included in the Monarch package that allows you to convert all of your Models/Projects into a Binary version which is compatible up to the latest version of Monarch.

*Monarch Utility- 2nd option- will convert your Models/Projects to .dmod version:

Just specify the location of the source folder and the destination folder of the Models/Projects you wanted to convert: 


May follow steps listed in Monarch Utility Guide here.