Control access to specific license daemon tags (LicenseMonitor)

Note: Do not confuse Tag Access Control in LicenseMonitor with Access Control Lists (ACLs). ACLs apply to all Runtime products, whereas Tag Access Control is only applicable within LicenseMonitor.

Tag Access Control in LicenseMonitor is an Administrator function. There are two scenarios where you may want to set up Tag Access Control. The first is when you desire to restrict access to certain individuals or vovusergroups, or system roles. The second is when you have loaded older data into a tag (that you are no longer actively sampling) and you need to provide access to it.

The "setTagAccess" command is specifed in the vovlmd config.tcl file (usually at the bottom) to set up tag access control. The changes to this configuration file will be automatically detected, and no restart is necessary. Below is an example from the LicenseMonitor Administrator Guide. For more information, see the Security section of the admin guide.

# This is a fragment of vovlmd/config.tcl
setTagAccess IN_MGC  "gupta sandeep mario"
setTagAccess IN_SNPS "gupta sandeep mario"
setTagAccess EU_MGC  "franz javier"
setTagAccess EU_CDN  "javier oliver"
setTagAccess "CN_MGC CN_SNPS" "wchen"