Connecting to a Snowflake database from Altair SLC on Windows

If you have data stored in a Snowflake database, you can connect using the ODBC driver for snowflake. To install the connection software you need to:

    1. Download and install the Snowflake ODBC driver (.msi) from the Snowflake website.
      Make sure you select the 64-bit driver version to match the Altair SLC installation.
    2. On the same device as Altair SLC is installed, run the Snowflake ODBC driver installer (.msi).
    3. Once the driver has been installed, test the database connectivity with the following SAS language program:
              ACCOUNT=account-id WAREHOUSE=warehouse-name
              SCHEMA=schema-name DATABASE=dbase;

      • In the LIBNAME statement, replace user-name and password with your user name and password for the Snowflake account-id server. Replace dbase with the name of the Snowflake database, schema-name with the database schema, and warehouse-name with the warehouse hosting the Snowflake database.
      • The DATASETS procedure returns the names of all tables in the selected database; for databases with large numbers of tables, this program might take some time to run.

To use the Snowflake database bulk insert functionality, you must install the Snowflake SnowSQL utility.