Comparison of Different Approaches to Minimize Torque Ripples of a Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PEDS 2019 IEEE)

This paper presents a comparative study of different approaches to minimize the torque ripples of an industrial brushless surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor. First, the torque ripple reduction is tackled at the motor component level during the design phase by minimizing the cogging torque and designing a sinusoidal back emf motor through a multi-objective optimization process. Second, the torque ripples minimization is approached directly through a single objective optimization with constraints to yield minimum torque ripples while satisfying the rated torque requirement. And lastly, the method of producing a smooth motor running rated torque through the adjustment of the drive current is considered. The benefits and inconveniences of each approach are discussed with the perspective of the balance between optimum designs and production costs.