Combination of SimSolid and HyperStudy - Free Modal Analysis Sample

As SimSolid 2021.0 has the batch run feature with Java script, HyperStudy DOE can be applied with this feature.

This sample shows the parametric study of Width, Length, and Height with the following geometry and extract the eigen frequency of #7 from unv.

The following files are found in the attached zip. 

The Study_1.hstudy setup is shown below:

1. The modal.tpl is created from java script as below:

The parameters and the file names are associated.

Please change the folder path appropriately.

2. Solver Execution Script needs to be registered.

3. The modal.bat is below:

"C:\Program Files\SimSolid\2021\SimSolid2021\Simsolid.exe" -s modal.js -l log.txt

Input variables:

Run Definition

The eigen frequency of #7 is extracted from unv:

Proceed to DOE and set Run Matrix at Specifications:

run_matrix.csv is shown below:


Eigen frequencies of #7 are extracted.