Choosing the Right Solver and Mesh Size for EM Simulations

In this article you will learn how to choose the right solver and mesh size for EM simulations.

1 – Remote Keyless Entry.

2 – 315 MHz for US market & 434 MHz for Europe.

3 – Example of Coarse/Medium/Fine mesh related to λ.

4 – MLFMM solves quicker using uniform mesh size (Less mesh transitions preferred).

5 – Uniform mesh/Feature capture/Seats consideration dictates mesh size

6 – When using CADFEKO for Antenna and HyperMesh/SimLab for Vehicle modeling, the interface between Antenna and the Roof must be aligned external tools like HyperMesh/SimLab.

7 – Parametric CAD changes can be made using Parasolid Geometry Engine inside Altair Inspire

** - Indicates approximate memory size requirements for Antenna and Full Vehicle in a single simulation.