Check Your LicenseMonitor System (Admin Only)

When first running LicenseMonitor, we suggest that you check your system to be sure it’s running properly and then perform a few basic tasks to get a feel for the system, like creating a report.

Note: You need admin permissions to perform this task.

To check your system, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to LM.
  2. Go to the Admin page and select Tasks.

    Figure: Periodic Job List

  3. From the Periodic Job List, check to see if the job status shows done (it's shaded green).
    • If it shows waiting (shaded teal), then refresh it in 30 seconds. 
    • If job status shows failed (shaded red), then click on the job name, and scroll down to the  “explanation of why this job is failed”.
  4. Go to your Home Page. 
    • If it shows checkouts, you're done!
    • If it doesn’t show checkouts, wait 30 seconds. Refresh your screen and check again.
    • If you still don’t see checkouts, contact customer support.