Change the number of records shown in reports (LicenseMonitor)

When generating reports, LicenseMonitor doesn't always show all the records. This reduces the time it takes to generate a report. For example, if you pull 200 records, LM will only display 100 records (or rows) in a report.

There are two default values for these reports:

  1. Query limit: the number of reports pulled from the database
  2. Table limit: the number of rows displayed in a report.

A quick remedy is to click “Show all rows” at the bottom of the table to see all rows. You can also use the web GUI to make changes, but those changes will not be permanent. When you log out, the system will revert back to its default values. 

Change the default values use the CLI

To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Make edits in the following two files and change the variables: tableLimit and queryLimit.
    • $VOVDIR/../common/tcl/vtcl/modules/ < approx. line 140 >
    • $VOVDIR/../common/tcl/vtcl/modules/ < approx. line 199 >
  2. To see your changes, you do not need to restart or even run reread. Just go to the Current tab, click on a feature report and you will see as many rows as you set. You can also do this through the GUI, but your changes will be temporary and last only for the session in which you are logged in.

Change the values temporarily, without changing the default values, use the web GUI

To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to a report.

    Figure: Records to retrieve

  2. At the bottom of the report, change the Records to retrieve amount to the desired value and click Submit. Your chosen values will then display.

Note: When you logout, the system will revert back to the default value, which is 100.