Change the job log directory (NetworkComputer)

In a default NetworkComputer installation, user job logs go to the directory vnc_logs. This is created in the NCSWD directory. NCSWD is the directory that contains your vnc.swd project area.

When changing the location, choose a log storage area with ample future growth space.

The log directory setting can be changed by an admin and individual user. The admin may set up the NC_LOGDIR environment variable in a job class or vnc policy setting, while the user can setup up the NC_LOGDIR variable to point to a subdirectory in their project workspace. For example:

% setenv NC_LOGDIR /path/to/mylogdir

To customize the log file name, a user may also specify the log filename. At the job submission time, add the -l option to the nc run. This command contains a rich substitution capability for creating custom log file names.

To obtain usage help, at the NetworkComputer command line run:

% nc run -h