Change Monitor Host


The machine where Altair Monitor (formerly Runtime LicenseMonitor) runs is initially determined by where the 'lmmgr start' command was run, and the owner is the account that first ran the command. 

This article discusses some of the information that you will need to gather to guide you, and how to make the change.  (We may also refer to the system as LM for brevity).

Reconnaissance -- some info you will need, and why:

Proposed Change or Upgrade

Making the Move

In the following command sequences, use the name of your LM project, if other than the default 'licmon'.

+ Back up the DB passwords:
  % vovproject enable licmon
  % cd `vovserverdir -p  db`
  % vovprop list 1 | grep SQL_ > dbcred.txt
  % cat dbcred.txt  (verify contents look OK)
  % chmod go-rwx dbcred.txt (protect against snooping)
+ Save a recent PR file for LM running on 2016.09
  + get shell on LM host as LM owner with Altair cmds in the PATH
  % vovproject enable licmon
  % cd `vovserverdir -p trace.db`
  % mkdir savepr201609
  % cp -p pr.gz savepr201609/pr.gz

Case 1: All of LM on a single source machine

Prepare the destination machine and have it online on your network.

  1. Copy from the source machine, or install the version of Altair software to be used on the destination machine. Download from
    The default location for the .swd and the DB directory are inside the Altair installation hierarchy, at:
  2. Copy the 'licmon.swd' directory from the source to destination, e.g. using tar or rsync.
    You can do the bulk of this while LM is live, then do a final update with rsync after shutting down LM.
  3. Copy the database directory.
    Depending on your data size and network speed, this could take some time.

    Copying the DB may also be done while LM is live, but unchecking the 'Enable Data Loader' item on the Admin->Database page in LM so that the DB files are not being constantly updated by new info.
  4. Shut down LM using 'lmmgr stop', then make a final rsync of the licmon.swd and database directories.
  5. Update the registry entry $VOVDIR/local/registry/<lm_owner>/licmon@old-host by editing the host name inside the file, and then renaming the file by replacing <old-host> with <new-host>.
  6. Get a shell on the new machine as the LM owner, and source the setup file to get Altair commands in the PATH
  7. Use 'vovproject list -l' and verify that the LM project shows the new host and correct new path to the licmon.swd directory.
  8. Start LM on the new host using 'lmmgr start'.
  9. Enable your LM project in your shell, and check that it is OK by 'vsi'.
  10. Check the database setup:  'vovdb_util showcfg'.
  11. If the config looks correct, start the DB by 'vovdb_util startdb -v'.