Autonomous Quadrotor – Collision Avoidance Simulation using Activate and MotionSolve


There are several civilian applications for drones: delivering mail, parcels, medicine, pizza, and any other small to medium-sized items 

Although originally built for military purposes, their use has rapidly expanded to other applications such as photography, product deliveries, agriculture, surveillance, infrastructure inspections, science, and racing.

In this demonstration problem, you will learn the following:

  • How to represent the whole drone system, integrating different subsystems with a multibody model using MotionView.
  • Control the flight of an autonomous drone for different package weights via controls using Activate.
  • Model the control strategy to drive the drone on a trajectory and avoid a collision with another drone.
  • Run a co-simulation between MotionSolve and Activate.

Usage/Installation Instructions

Follow instructions in the pptx