Automated Design Exploration for Power Electronics

Considering the increasing importance and complexity of power electronics, including high switching speeds, temperature regulation, and demands for more efficiency, it is imperative that teams have a resource that delivers insights earlier in the design cycle.

Often simulation involves manual, repetitive trial-and-error iterations, or scripting or writing code to automate the process. Altair's solution for automated design exploration combines the best-in-class power electronics software PSIM & HyperStudy, a multi-disciplinary design environment for engineers, leveraging data science to learn patterns, quickly predict performance and prescribe optimum designs. What's best? It is extremely easy to use and does not require an "expert" background in power electronics or data analysis to obtain fast, easy to comprehend results.

Conduct trade-off studies, leverage predictive modeling, fine-tune parameters, optimize system performance, and more; all in an automated way. No coding or scripting required.

See overview document available with the attached slides (top right), which includes two use cases, one related to component selection and another one to switch comparison.

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See PSIM + HyperStudy in action:
- YouTube video "Get started with automated design exploration with PSIM + Hyperstudy | Altair Tutorial Video"