Automated Design Exploration for Power Electronics, No Coding Required - An Overview

Automated Design Exploration for Power Electronics

April 30, 2024 / Shannon Chesley - Power Electronics Global Business Development Manager

OVERVIEW:  Full document available with the attached slides (top right). The primary focus is for power electronics and design exploration. 

KEY TAKEAWAY:  With 30 years on the market PSIM is a trusted, fast, purpose-built power electronics simulator. HyperStudy is a mature AI-based design exploration and optimization software.

• The combination allows anyone, regardless of field or years of experience, to easily combine power electronics with automated design exploration.

• In minutes users can gain insights through data patterns, conduct trade-off studies, and optimize system performance.

• This will help your business understand sensitivity in key design decisions and decrease development cycles, using an easy solution for non-experts or experts alike.

Altair acts as a partner to guide our customers on their unique digital journey. Contact us to get started, or explore more below.

See PSIM + HyperStudy in action:
- YouTube video "Get started with automated design exploration with PSIM + Hyperstudy | Altair Tutorial Video"

PSIM with romAI:

 Altair Community article: "Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) powered by ROM and Machine Learning"

Other resources:

- APEC2024 presentation "Combining Multiphysics Simulation and Automated Design Exploration to Optimize Performance and Cost of your Motor Drives"
- Explore PSIM applications

- Webinar series (recordings) / Accelerate E-NNOVATION: Intelligent Use of Power Electronics to Drive the Industry
> Including topics: 
1. Virtual front loading for minimal conducted EMI
2. How to design high-efficiency and less noisy motor drives
3. Don't Burn Your Inverter! Electronics thermal management: Common mistakes you are better off leaving to your competitors
4. High fidelity modeling of the interaction between motion and control