Altair Monarch Exercise 7 - NAV for Mutual Funds

Exercise Files

You can download all Monarch exercise files here: Monarch Sample Files for Exercises

Exercise Overview

You are a Mutual Fund Accountant and you need to accomplish the following two tasks using the Data Prep Studio.

  1. Determine Net Asset Value (NAV) for the portfolio based on the calculation; [(Current Balance + Contributions + Dividends & Capital Gains) - (Redemption's + Administrative Fees)]/100,000,000 shares outstanding.
  2. Create a Group-By Summary for NAV by the different Investor Codes & the Investor Names

Hint: You need to perform the NAV for the period of transactions for the Month of February 2020. Make sure you apply a filter for the transactions to be in align with that time frame.

Exercise Answer

Not sure you got the correct answer? No problem. Watch the video below for a demonstration of this exercise from start to finish.