Altair HyperWorks Hardware and system requirements

This article provides information of interest to anyone who manages the installation of Altair HyperWorks products.

This includes:

- Required version of Altair Licensing

- Hardware recommendations

- Extra recommendations depending on system configuration


These recommendations are valid for whichever version of HyperWorks you are dealing with



Altair License Manager (ALM) must be upgraded to the latest version every time you upgrade your HyperWorks version.

ALM is available from the MarketPlace, by picking any product and switching in the right ribbon to the License Manager tab:



Apart from the license server, there are couple of recommendations (independant of the version) to be checked, to ensure the best experience for the end user and reduce any potential software instability and performance issues.
The links below cover the hardware and system recommendations:

Hardware recommendations

Extra recommendations for local Windows execution

Extra recommendations for execution from Windows remote server

Extra recommendations for local Linux execution

Extra recommendations for execution from Linux remote server