Altair Flux : Compute efficiency maps on a Flux project in an hour ! By combining the new macro CreateLookUpTable, with Compose scripts.

By combining Flux CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight_3D Macro with Efficiency_maps Compose script you can easily compute efficiency values, the torque, losses, …,  of your electric motor.

First, you need to create the Transient Magnetic project of your motor. By running the macro, the project is transformed into a multi-static project driven by ID and IQ.

This macro also computes the torque, the magnetic flux density in the DQ directions Flux_D, Flux_Q, and the inductances LD LQ vs ID and IQ. Those values are written in the *project_name*_MS_CSV_table_res.oml file in which you may also find a script that plot the different parameters vs ID IQ. Those graphs are obtained by uncommenting and launching the script with Compose.

Then, to compute efficiency maps, you must use the Compose script found in the Macros_AFIR_machine directory ( First, you need to modify the Flux_D.oml and Flux_Q.oml input files and add your values of Flux_D and Flux_Q obtained by the macro. Then, the “represent_maps.oml” script launches the computation, and your efficiency tables are plotted.

Finally, those tables can be used to do a system analysis of your project ; for instance, with Altair Activate. A 1D System modeling of e-motor and drive can be found in this article : KB0119673.

All those computation steps represent a good first reduced model of your motor and can be used on many different topologies.

The mentioned files are attached to this ticket with a step by step tutorial (Step by step tutorial - Efficiency Maps.pdf) to do those computation steps on your models or on the given Flux project example ( All of them are compatible with Flux 2021.2 !

Those files will be standard in the Flux 2022 version. The CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight_3D can be found in the Macro directory (…\flux\Extensions\Macros), and the efficiency maps Compose script can be found in the …\flux\Extensions\Macros\Macros_AFIR_Machine\TableDQ\Table_LD_LQ_Light_MultiplePositions.PFM\Compose directory.

This workflow can also be done on a 2D project using the already existing CreateLookUpTableFromTMProjectDQLight.PFM macro that you may find in the " *...\Altair\20xx.x\flux\Extensions\Macros " dircetory