AcuFIeldView or AcuConsole not opening (window pops up and closes)

In case AcuFieldView or AcuConsole are not opening up, it is very likely to be a license issue. 

Issue: AcuConsole or AcuFieldView is not opening due to license denial

AcuConsole: Feature not found

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Or AcuFieldView: Window pops up and disappears without starting AcuFieldView.

AcuConsole and AcuFieldView have retired, and licenses cannot be generated by Altair in 2022.

There are two preprocessing alternatives to AcuConsole:

  1. HyperWorks CFD
    1. Self Learning Material: HyperWorks Menu 2021
    2. Online Live Trainings:

AcuSolve Introduction with HyperWorks CFD

AcuSolve Thermal with HyperWorks CFD

  1.  SimLab
  1. Self Learning material :  SimLab Learning Center 

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  1. Online Live Training:

Following trainings are recommended to get started with AcuSolve in SimLab interface:

 SimLab Introduction  

SimLab CFD Analysis 

Optional (for advanced modeling and meshing) SimLab Meshing and Modeling

  1. Compute Console could be used to launch AcuSolve jobs (provided the .inp file already exists).

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Post Processing Options

  1. HyperWorks CFD has post processing ribbon to import AcuSolve results (via .Log, H3D or Ensight format)

HWCFD-T: 3000 Post-Processing

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  1. SimLab also post processing capabilities for AcuSolve results (via .Log or H3D format)
  2. HyperView has basic post processing capabilities for AcuSolve results (via .Log, H3D or Ensight format)

CFD Post-Processing (no surface integration).

AcuSolve Tutorials are available via Online Help or as PDF file in the installation folder


Or Altair_AcuSolve_2021.2_Tutorial_Manual.pdf  file in the installation folder       \HW2021.2\hwcfdsolvers\acusolve\win64\doc