A study of abrasive wear on high speed steel surface in hot rolling by Discrete Element Method


A. Grima, A. K. Tieu, B. Kosasih, H. T. Phan, H. Zhu, Q. Zhu, T. D. Ta




Tribology International



In hot rolling, the asperities of oxidised strip and wear debris slide over High Speed Steel (HSS) work roll. Hence, abrasive wear occurs, and wear particles will be removed from the work roll surface.This work introduces a Discrete Element Method (DEM) model which has been applied successfully to study abrasive roll wear of HSS work roll with MC carbides embedded within the oxide layers at 650 °C. From this research, it has been found that the carbide orientation, distribution in the HSS roll, different scratching tip size and scratching depth affect the wear significantly.


carbides, high speed steel, hot rolling

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