A new predictive model of lifter bar wear in mills


M. Fooladi, M. Rezaeizadeh, M.S. Powell, N.S. Weerasekara, S.H. Mansouri




Minerals Engineering



The cost of mill relining and the influence of the liner profiles on mill performance provide a strong motivation to improve liner selection. However, the capability to predict liner life and progressive profile is poorly developed in the industry. A new model has been developed to predict the rate of liner wear based on the main parameters affecting the wear process such as; ore type, relative velocity between the ore and the liners, liner hardness and friction conditions. The resultant model is capable of determining the wear as a function of mill operating and discharge conditions based on the variation of specific gravity of mill contents, geometrical characteristics of the mill and mill velocity. The results from this model are in good agreement with the measured data from the SAG mill at Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex, Iran.Access Full Text


comminution, Grinding, Mineral Processing, Particle size

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